Lukas Köllner, Hallenbad, 2022 ©Nadine Hendelkens
Lukas Köllner, Hallenbad, 2022 ©Nadine Hendelkens

“I knew I wanted to entirely commit my life to paint.”


Lukas Köllner




©Lukas Köllner, 2022
©Lukas Köllner, 2022

Where are you from?

Düsseldorf, Germany

Your style in 3 words?

Expressive magic realism

Your weakness? Your strength?

My weakness is that I’m often daydreaming while being in company and not listening to things I get told. My strength is that I’m reliable and disciplined

Starting a new painting is the most fascinating part of my work…

© Lukas Köllner, Tropical Island, 2022
© Lukas Köllner, Tropical Island, 2022

What makes you different?

I was a casual „Deutschpunk“ listening fantasy enjoying nerd who grew up in an awful boring village where there was not much to do but drink beer and spray walls. Luckily, and that’s probably what makes me different, I found a way to transform this boredom into something creative.

When did you decide to become an artist?

I was drawing comics as a child. This passion transformed into doing graffiti as a teen. When I started studying social science I completely paused all my creative efforts. But luckily I started painting at the end of my scholarship again. Also, I was encouraged to study art by my partner she gifted me a 10 days painting class in a small private art school. After the course was over I knew I wanted to entirely commit my life to paint.

Do you choose your art form, or does the form choose you?

We attracted each other simultaneously and now it is a working codependency.

What do you find most fascinating about the creative process?

Starting a new painting is the most fascinating part of my work. You give an idea and you end up somewhere else if you’re humble and bold enough to just follow the trace a painting gives you.

A few words about your favorite creation?

I like the kind of paintings you started effortlessly and without any further intentions but turned out surprisingly well accomplished.

© Lukas Köllner, Worm collector, 2022
© Lukas Köllner, Worm collector, 2022

Where are we going? Butter 10€

What surprised you most about your first art shows?

People had all kinds of different interpretations of my paintings. It was interesting to hear all the stories, and memories people came up with as they interpreted my works.

Someone else’s work that inspired or inspires you…

There are so many artists out there who inspire me regularly. It’s still difficult to tell one of every epoch or style. But I think David Hockney is a big inspiration to me cause he might be the biggest painting nerd alive. He has such a diverse oeuvre and has tried so many different approaches to painting and drawing even at the age of almost 90. His love for old techniques and also for new innovations like iPhone paintings are great reminders to always keep an open mind for everything.

Who would you like to work with someday and why?

I have the honor to call some very talented artists my friends. To make projects and exhibitions with all of them would be pretty neat.

© Lukas Köllner, Olympia, 2022
© Lukas Köllner, Olympia, 2022

A new project coming up or an idea you want to work on?

I have my first solo exhibition on 20.01.23 in Mönchengladbach

Finish the sentence „More important than my career is…“

My relationship. I can’t imagine a world without my partner.

2023: Where are we going?

Butter 10€

Do you think about time as an artist?

Yes. Every new week I ask myself how much time I will have to paint and how I can reduce the number of other duties to maximize the time I can spend in my studio.

When the going gets tough…

I crawl back into my cave play fantasy videogames read books draw or take a refreshing walk through nature.

© Lukas Köllner, tell fast, 2022
© Lukas Köllner, tell fast, 2022

Put on your future vision glasses: What direction is our generation moving in, what will our world look like in 50 years?

Probably Cyberpunk 2077 HD version unfortunately without Keanu Reeves.

What would you do if you could change the World?

I would hand out the leadership of the world to cats.

What does freedom mean when it comes to art?

In general, I think art is freedom. Personally, I think having a studio and time to paint is the biggest freedom one can have.

If the universe is everything and it’s expanding, what is it expanding into?

Oof… the void?

Lukas Köllner, Röhren, 2022 © Nadine Hendelkens
Lukas Köllner, Röhren, 2022 © Nadine Hendelkens

Tell us about your future plans…

Painting big and intense. Exhibit. Also, I wanna check out fancy restaurants around Europe with my partner cause we both love cooking and eating.

Your city’s favorite spots?

My studio is the best place in town.

Last but not least: what is your favorite Song?

An all-time favorite is „Swim and Sleep“ like a shark by Unknown mortal orchestra.

One last statement please: „Wood or stone, gold or art?“

Wood and art

Your #…?