Jennifer Pint

“I think I was always drawn to art but my understanding of it was rather naive at the beginning.”

@ Minh Dung Vu, Rethink, 2022, Akademie of Fine Arts Leipzig , Photo by Minh Dung Vu

Minh Dung Vu

Easy, simple, nostalgia

The process of work always brings me exciting waiting…

Alexander Scharf

“Deprived of linear time, there is no certainty between light and dark at the moment. There is no certain inside and outside when we implode.”

Dominik Nawrocki

“Crawling fascistization of politics and therefore whole nations – seems like everyone tends to forget about quite an unpleasant past.”

Ruscha Voormann

Action is a miracle cure.

2023 turned out to be and still is a year of taking action…

Anna Nero 

“Sometimes, when I paint, I find that perfect moment when my hands and my eyes, “think” for me and my brain starts to think in images, colors, and brush strokes rather than words.”

Theresa Katharina Horlacher 

“My biggest strength is my dyslexia because it makes me observe my environment differently and forces me to look at everything twice.”

DORIAN SARI ©margotmontigny-1895

Dorian Sari

Wouter le Duc

Ivana de Vivanco

Rebeka Rácz

Stephan Dybus

Anna Pakosz

Pleun van Dijk

Mesut Öztürk

Hannah Foster

Susanne Kolp

Created around the world, published in berlin.