© Alexandra Müller, Masks, 2018, photo Alexandra Müller

“I wouldn’t say, becoming an artist was a conscious decision…”


Alexandra Müller





Who are you? What do you do?

I am Alexandra and my work mainly focuses on pencil drawings and wool sculptures.

Where are you from?

I live and work in Dresden, Germany. 

Your style in 3 words?

quirky, layered and playful 

Your weakness? Your strength?

My weakness is stubbornness, but sometimes that’s also a strength, in order to hold on to my ideals and aesthetics, to make things happen. 

© Alexandra Müller, Tapestry, 2018, photo Alexandra Müller

What makes you different?

I think my sense of humour.

When did you decide to become an artist?

I wouldn’t say, that becoming an artist was a conscious decision. It just happened somehow and I think, I couldn’t do anything else.

What do you find most fascinating about your work?

Since I never know where my work leads me at the beginning, the sheer production process itself is really the most fascinating to me. Sometimes I have a rough idea where I want to go, but in the end I can hardly tell how I did it. It’s important to trust your intuition while working.

A few words about your favourite creation?

That would be “Cor Blimey Guv’nor”, cause it reminds me of my fantastic time in the UK in 2017 and the generous and funny people I met there and who also taught me that utterly British phrase. And, if I may add another, my wool sculpture “Pleased to meet you”, which made me laugh while I put it together. 

Someone else’s work that inspired or inspires you… 

I’m inspired by the work of a lot of people, not just artists, but people from a lot of different professions. I enjoy the dark romanticism of Michaël Borremans paintings, Jiro Taniguchi’s graphic novels, but also essays and novels of writer Siri Hustvedt, that always broaden and change the way to look at things. I love the weird aesthetic of Jim Jarmusch’s movies. Also music is a big source of inspiration for me. This list could probably go on forever, so I stop here.

A new project coming up or an idea you want to work on?

I’m planning to do more of my bigger, multi piece wool sculptures. And to think bigger, overall.

Finish the sentence „More important than my career is…“

…spending time with the people I love.” 

2019: Where are we going?

In 2019 I hope that I will be able to keep making work and to see a little bit more of the world.

When the going gets tough…

I stop what I’m doing and have a break, go for a walk or eat some cheese. After that, things already look different.

© Alexandra Müller, Dammit Janet, I love you, 2018, photo Alexandra Müller
© Alexandra Müller, Dammit Janet, I love you, 2018, photo Alexandra Müller

Your city’s favourite spots?

My favourite spot in my city is the river.
And my bed, of course.

Do you have a vision?

To create something that really reaches people and will be remembered. 

What would you do if you could change the World?

If I could, I would take all the negative thoughts away from people, that stop them to believe in themselves and their abilities.

Tell us about your future plans…

I have some shows coming up this year, which I’m very looking forward to and also I want to travel more, preferably as part of a residency somewhere, because that has always been a very enriching experience for me.

Last but not least: what is your favourite Song?

That’s a hard one, since there are so many songs I love. But two of my all time favourites are Tom Waits “Come On Up To The House” and Roxy Music “Mother Of Pearl”.

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