Henry Tyrrell, Installation Shot, 2018
Henry Tyrrell, Installation Shot, 2018

“I am aways fascinated by how tiny decisions in the surface, colour and edges of shapes in the work have such a huge effect on the attitude the work.”


Henry Tyrrell





Henry Tyrrell, 2019 (vertical profile picture)
Henry Tyrrell, 2019

Who are you? What do you do?

I am a recent graduate from the Slade School of Fine Art. I make abstract paintings and wall paintings that explore themes of landscape and memory.

Where are you from? 

Reigate (just south of London, UK) 

Your style in 3 words? 

Simple, layered processes

Henry Tyrrell, Blue Control, 2019
Henry Tyrrell, Blue Control, 2019

Your weakness? Your strength?

Weakness: I find it hard to stick to my original intentions and therefore some paintings can become a bit of a meandering journey to complete.

Strength: I’m prepared to make quiet radical changes to the painting at the last minute which often means obliterating large parts of the painting (I think this is a strength!)

 What makes you different? 

My work is quite mood dependent and therefore I don’t produce a very controlled consistent style; rather my work is much more impulsive- or at least it feels that way when I’m making it. 

When did you decide to become an artist? 

I started thinking about art quite young and when I was about 13 I felt pretty sure that was what i wanted to do.

What do you find most fascinating about your work? 

I am aways fascinated by how tiny decisions in the surface, colour and edges of shapes in the work have such a huge effect on the attitude the work. And I also love the moment when all those decisions start to come together and the work starts to stand on its own two feet.

A few words about your favourite creation?

I made a wall and floor painting at my degree show and I didn’t really know how it would work until it was up because I painted the sections of the wall off site and then brought them together on site. This is the most ambitious piece that I have made so far and the relief I felt when it was up makes it my favourite creation! 

Henry Tyrrell, Arthur's Seat, 2017
Henry Tyrrell, Arthur’s Seat, 2017

Someone else’s work that inspired or inspires you…

I’ve been slowly going through Proust’s In Search of Lost Time on audio book over the last couple of years and I love the way he takes small ideas, turns them upside down and plays with them. Some of the descriptions of his scenes seem more like descriptions of slowly moving paintings where the authors eye wanders across every nook and cranny. He inspires me to have confidence in seemingly tenuous creative thoughts because he unabashedly fixates on the tiny, passing details in life and makes them significant. 

A new project coming up or an idea you want to work on? 

I would like to make a book collating some of the work of emerging painters that are currently working in London. I also intend to spend more time writing. In March I will be taking part in an intensive one month residency at the Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop in London. 

Henry Tyrrell, Inhaler, 2018
Henry Tyrrell, Inhaler, 2018

Finish the sentence „More important than my career is…“ 

… looking past the end of my own nose. 

2019: Where are we going? 

Lasso the moon! (to quote Julia Davis) 

When the going gets tough… 

Walk with headphones in. 

Your city’s favourite spots? 

Beckton Alps and other walks around the outskirts of London. 

Do you have a vision? 

To keep making work whatever happens. 

What would you do if you could change the World?

Where to start?!

Tell us about your future plans 

I would like to do a residency abroad at some point and see if living in a different culture and environment has an effect on my work. 

Henry Tyrrell, What's Done is Done, 2017
Henry Tyrrell, What’s Done is Done, 2017

Last but not least: what is your favourite Song?

‘Hey Student’ or ‘Blindness’ by the Fall a