Are you Adopted by London?

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Who are you?

Three friends that like making things.

Where are you from?

Different backgrounds have all brought us to Spain at some point in our lives. That’s how we met, what brought us together.

Where do you live now?

We currently all live in London

Shot_15_026-1What are you up to?

What most of us have to be up to: work. Our escape to creativity is Adopted. It is what balances our day. Don’t get us wrong, we like our jobs, but its with Adopted that our minds run free, it’s when we can unleash our passion – unrestricted design.

Shot_09_111Tell us a little bit about your work. Where do you find your material? How do you relate to it.

All our shirts are made in Portugal out of 100% premium eco friendly materials, such as organic cotton and tencel. Our designs are printed on our shirts with water-based ink that is completely free of PVC.

About your work:

The freedom of London is what brought us here. A simmering volcano of promises that doesn’t cease to explode. Whoever you are, whatever you want to be – London will accept you, adopt you. Here you can let your creativity run wild and in some corner, it will be appreciated. The enormous diversity that this city holds, the history it’s backed up with, is what makes it unique and ubiquitous at the same time.  We believe this is what our brand is consigned to express.

Adopted_Shot_3_035What do you do?

Two of us are architects and one works in hospitality. Together we combine design and direction.

Your style in 3 words?

London, Sustainable, Music.

What is your weakness?

Still learning about the twisted world of fashion. Striving to move towards the positive direction that we have been able to witness in recent years.

Shot_11_047-683x1024What is your strength?

Our love for what we do.

How did it all start?

We like to create printed art works and as our friends started show more and more interest on our art and started to ask for more copies of the designs, we couldn’t resist the opportunity of putting them in to t-shirts and start Adopted.

How did you come up with the name Adopted by London?

We are three friends living in one of the worlds most cosmopolitan cities with people from all around the globe with different backgrounds and nationalities, all with one thing in common: Adopted by London.

Shot_16_019_1Tell us more about it:

How much do you produce per year?

Being our first year, we have launched two collections so far, a production of 2000 T-shirts.  Winter will be knocking on our door quite shortly unfortunately – the good news is, yet another lashing of freezing cold will have to serve as inspiration, giving birth to our third collection.

Who buys you?

We have been very lucky as we gained support from all over the world that from an early stage collected our designs. We even have had some celebrities such as Will Smith and Ben Harper wearing Adopted.

Where can we find you?

We mainly sell through our Website ( but we also do collaborations with selected pop up shops around Europe. We are currently in the talks with a couple of boutiques throughout the continent who are interested in carrying Adopted –stay tuned to hear more about these on our Facebook page.

tony2How do you think about sustainability?

As mentioned before, we very much believe in sustainability and do our best on a daily basis. To be honest, this should be a standard by now, so we don’t really want to pat ourselves on the back for being sustainable.

What makes you different?

We do not consider ourselves as a t-shirt brand but more as a lifestyle portal. From September onwards we will be uploading a monthly podcast made for Adopted by young up and coming musicians and DJs. This brings us back to the three words we previously used to describe our style. London, sustainability and music are the three main ingredients. They are components of our brand as well of our everyday lives. We love London, how it brings so much diversity together – music does exactly the same thing, it brings people together and sustainability is almost like an embedded guideline for us. All three elements interlink, we believe in our brand and love what we do.

Anything coming up?

 We are at the moment concentrating in brining out a new collection for women as well as working on music sets and designs for our new collection.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

To be honestNo idea!


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by Gabrielle Berlin