© Yaara Oren
© Yaara Oren

“During my art studies at the academy my mind opened and I started to realize it can be my daily life experience and I got addicted.”


Yaara Oren





© Yaara Oren, photo by Jenny Rafalson
© Yaara Oren, photo by Jenny Rafalson

Who are you? What do you do?

I am an artist working mainly as a painter, but I always love to experience other mediums such as ceramics and photography.

Where are you from?

Tel Aviv, Israel

Your style in 3 words?

Expressive, Dynamic, Abstraction

Yaara Oren, roots, © 2017
Yaara Oren, roots, © 2017

Your weakness? Your strength?

I am not really good in studying in conventional ways. The downside of it is that nothing I do isn’t done exactly “by the “book”. The good side of it is that it makes me study independently what interests me and find my own special way to do things. I believe that this weakness makes me creative and has a big part in making me and my art unique.

What makes you different?

I have a funny way to hold a pencil

When did you decide to become an artist?

Since a very young age painting was the one thing made me feel confidence. Yet I didn’t think it can be more than a hobby. During my art studies at the academy my mind opened and I started to realize it can be my daily life experience and I got addicted.

Yaara Oren, Exhibition view, © 2016
Yaara Oren, Exhibition view, © 2016

What do you find most fascinating about the creative process?

Each time when I start a new painting it feels like one big mess. At the beginning nothing seems to work and I feel like I lost my ability to paint. And (almost) each time I am thankful and surprised again to see I manage to figure it out, to understand what this painting needs and to “clean up the mess”.  

Someone else’s work that inspired or inspires you…

I find inspiration in so many artists work, there are such amazing things, the list is going to be long! I always love to go back to masters such as Munch, Klimt, Matisse and Bonnard. I really love Richard Dibenkorn, Phillip Guston, Kerry James Marshell, Etel Adnan, Joan Mitchell, Atta Kwami and Bob Thompson. From the younger generation I can mention Danny Fox, David Ostrowski, Joe Bradley, Louis Frantino and Matt Connors.

Yaara Oren, jugs, © 2017
Yaara Oren, jugs, © 2017

A new project coming up or an idea you want to work on?

These days I am working for the first time on a large-scale wall painting with my friend and colleague Noam Wenkert. It is scary and exiting and I believe we will have many new experiences during this work. I really hope it will turn out good!

Finish the sentence „More important than my career is…“

Being honest and fully obligated within my art process

2018: Where are we going?

Probably the same direction 2017 went

Yaara Oren, shadows, © 2016
Yaara Oren, shadows, © 2016

Your city’s favourite spots?

My favourite place in Tel Aviv is the neighbourhood both my home and my studio are located in. it is a southern neighbourhood of the city with very diverse population from the edges of society. I find here a lot of inspiration each time I walk down the street. 

Do you have a vision?

I am a small goals person.

Tell us about your future plans…

If I’ll tell you i will have to kill you!

Yaara Oren, cotton, © 2017
Yaara Oren, cotton, © 2017

Last but not least: what is your favourite Song?

It is basically impossible to choose one, But here‘s one that always puts a smile on my face: Francis Bebey – The Coffee Cola Song

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