© Emille de Blanche, 2018, copyright Nikolay Evdokimov
© Emille de Blanche, 2018, copyright Nikolay Evdokimov

“Art allows me to be free, in my thoughts and in my expression.”


Emille de Blanche





Who are you? What do you do?

I use sculpture to create large scale three-dimensional work based in material investigation. Two main axes of research define my practice: the urban environment and its impact on the individual and the search for the ambiguous dualities and opposites. I’m interested in the physical object and the way it breaks down and complicates the understanding of the room and I often use industrial materials in my work.

© Emille de Blanche, A2, 2017
© Emille de Blanche, A2, 2017

Where are you from?

Sweden, currently living and working in Stockholm.

Your style in 3 words?

Physical. Investigative. Raw

Your weakness? Your strength?

As with many other artists I would say my biggest weakness could be doubting the process, my strength I guess is the stubbornness or the will, if you like, that helps to overthrow those negative brain-glitches and to just go for it, regardless of it all.

What makes you different?

There’s a quote by Michel de Montaigne that I like;

“I know well what I am fleeing from but not what I am in search of.”

© Emille de Blanche, SPLIT, 2017
© Emille de Blanche, SPLIT, 2017

When did you decide to become an artist?

Art allows me to be free, in my thoughts and in my expression. It allows for grand gestures as well as finding my own way. To not just exist, but to explore. And it helps to keep me on my edge at all times.

What do you find most fascinating about the creative process/your work?

I mostly work intuitive and tentative, aiming to be permissive with an experimental approach at the beginning of a new project. During the work the nature of the project can head out in different directions and new ideas are usually added, tested and discarded. Many times by working through seemingly simple ideas I manage to challenge my own ideas and ambitions. Often I work with basic shapes that I combine in different ways to build my structures, there’s this aspect of simplicity in that that I keep returning to in my work.

© Emille de Blanche, Borderland VI, 2016, copyright Robin de Blanche
© Emille de Blanche, Borderland VI, 2016, copyright Robin de Blanche

A few words about your favourite creation?

I always feel that the greatest work lies ahead of me. With every project new thoughts and ideas surface and after completing a project I usually feel quite drained but simultaneously new plans are usually already starting to form in the back of the mind and it’s just a matter of time before a new process kicks off.

Someone else’s work that inspired or inspires you…

There’s many, and usually they are changing depending on my current interests. But a few favourites who has stayed with me for a long time are Lynda Bengalis, Tunga, Robert Morris, Siobhán Hapaska. I’m probably forgetting someone but these are a good representation anyway.

© Emille de Blanche, A1, 2017
© Emille de Blanche, A1, 2017

A new project coming up or an idea you want to work on?

I have a few new projects coming up this year. During the summer I’m involved with a site specific project called (X)Sites. The project is a collaboration between regional and municipal governments and a multitude of municipal and civil society stakeholders in the south of Sweden. It’s an international program with eighteen artist all working on an individual project alongside two hiking and biking trails that stretches 480 km through the landscape of three different counties. It’s a very different experience than to work in a gallery setting and something that I’m enjoying a lot. After that I’ll be doing a residency at an old porcelain factory developing my work with hydroforming and creating new sculptural works for an upcoming exhibition in 2019.

Finish the sentence „More important than my career is…“

Staying true to myself and to not get lost in the process.

2018: Where are we going?

There’s a saying in Russian that goes something like: “ananas sam ne begajet”, which roughly translates into “things don’t just happen”. Be present. Step up.

© Emille de Blanche, SLAB, 2017, copyright Hendrik Zeitler
© Emille de Blanche, SLAB, 2017, copyright Hendrik Zeitler

When the going gets tough…

The tough gets going…Billy Ocean, from the 80’s, first thing that came to mind.

Your city’s favourite spots?

As in any other capital city we`re also fighting gentrification and artists are being forced to work under unviable circumstances, many times with studios under insecure demolition contracts. My last studio was wiped out in favor of a parking lot, and pretty much all my artist friends work under the same circumstances. Apart from that, what I appreciate most in this city is the access to foliage and water. Stockholm is built on islands so the water is always present.

Do you have a vision?

I’m afraid of stagnation, so I’m always pushing to learn new techniques, develop different projects and trying to stay open for what happens during the process of it all.

© Emille de Blanche, Borderland V, 2016, copyright Christian Habetzeder
© Emille de Blanche, Borderland V, 2016, copyright Christian Habetzeder

What would you do if you could change the World?

Regarding the historical continuity and the incredibly uneven distribution of resources, income, and wealth. I think equal rights and fair pay would be a start…

Tell us about your future plans…

I have two solo exhibitions coming up next year so there are a lot of work involved in the making of that. At the moment my focus is on finishing the work for this upcoming installation and after that I’m looking forward to spending time in the studio. It it’s such a great position though, to be able to concentrate on the process, experiment with new ideas and push the work further.

Last but not least: what is your favourite Song?

If you’re into electropunk you should check out the band GHLOW.



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