The Artist is Resident



The Artist Is Resident is the result of Ida Marie Corells stay in Arlberg Hospiz Hotel in St. Christoph Austria. Between fiction, dream and reality, the division reflects the three “residence” phases: Lost in Location, Dream and Isolation and Found In Camouflage. She creates a story of searching and finding in picture, drawing, collage and text. All the artist’s works are created locally.

Lost in Location

The search. “The foreign body” attempts to find itself and its place/purpose within the space/community.

Dream and Isolation

The isolated work. The saving power of imagination. The work in the studio. The analysis of the space. The search for and the finding of the details.

Found In Camouflage

The arrival. The artist has arrived in their role, their position, their place etc. They arrive. They “belong”. They have become part of the system.

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“The seclusion, the sense of isolation, the snow-covered location surrounded by mountains, the “System Hotel” functioning in its closed-circuit manner, all this transported me into a state of “intoxication” and my stay there was transformed into a productive process of “coming to terms” with the loneliness. Imprisoned in my own fantasy, my thoughts, and stimulated by a fevered sense of “wanting to experience”, the foreignness, the search for familiarity and the ultimately inescapable sense of “belonging” were the decisive factors in the creation of this book-and-picture project.

This book is the analytical-artistic and fantastical result of my stay as artist in residence at the hospice hotel St. Christoph from 3rd to 22nd March 2013. Somewhere between fiction, dream and reality, the 3-part structure reflects the 3 phases of “residence” and creates a story of searching and finding in picture, illustration, collage and text. All works were created on location.” states  Ida Marie Corell.

LAUNCH: 11th December 2013 at Arlberg Hospiz Hotel in St. Christoph, at Ida-Marie Corell´s exhibition opening The Artist Is Resident.

INFO: Tre Torri Verlag- 204 Pages – Hardcover – German / English

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Photo of the Artist by Lisa Merk