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Nicola Robinson

“My goal next year is to travel more and do more festivals!”

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Curious Playful Tiger

You work as a DJ as well as the editor and writer for your own lifestyle blog and community. How did you start out? A glimpse of your history, please.

I studied (aka stomped the central streets) in London. I knew I loved music and partied super hard and lived it up as a student, exploring all areas of the city, bars, crazy mansion parties and clubs; I wanted to discover the best hangout for me. I loved Electronic music but was living West and could never find anything near me that satisfied my taste. I loved Boombox and Circus and a few other spots but was just frustrated musically, so I started to DJ so I could play my favorite music! I used to have crazy house parties but now I’m playing a huge mix of music at festivals, hotels, bars, clubs etc, some gigs blow my mind and other gigs just pay the bills! I started It’s Rude To Stare as a small blog at the beginning of the recession, I knew about loads of cool spots but they had no budget for PR and I wanted to expose them online! Later down the line, I designed to re-design and launch as an online mag/lifestyle guide! I now have 13 editors and am working towards running big immersive events!

How do these activities feed off each other? Do they cross-inspire you? Or are they two completely different entities for you?

It’s Rude To Stare and my music work hand in hand, they build each other! Anyone I work with tends to introduce me to someone who is suitable for the website and likewise, people learn about my music. I keep all my friends updated on my happening via WeStareWeekly, my insider guide!

Expound on your musical vision and define your style.  And how do you research for your sets/gigs?

I don’t really research, I find that most people recommend or contact me; I have been very lucky! I think all my partying as a ‘student’ meant I knew most of the people across the city. I used to promote nights but now people know I DJ! I love synths, disco, psychadelic, retro beats, deep filthy tunes but my music taste keeps changing! With music it’s all about the vibe your create and how you play the crowd! My goal next year is to travel more and do more festivals!

What is It’s Rude To Stare exactly? What do you aim to do with it?

It’s Rude To Stare is a lifestyle website, aimed at young professional men and women with a love to stare and share at exclusive events, hangouts, music, travel, inspirational people, food (Bon Appetit), design, fashion and wellbeing. I get to hear about the latest happenings and crazy launch parties that inspire me!

And, what is the story behind the name?

I was thinking about the name and how to describe why people are interested in things, what captivates people, what make’s people stop and stare? I was thinking of the scene on a tube when people are staring at each other…It’s Rude To Stare came there I guess…

What does lifestyle mean to you?

How you live socially and personally, internally and externally.

What is your relationship to London? Are you thinking of expanding to other cities?

I love London. It’s definitely a bee-hive of creatives, this summer has been insane with the weather but I love Berlin, NYC, Ibiza and LA! I love eccentric people and keep meeting and discovering new places that inspire me

How do you escape London’s madness?

I go to Yotopia Yoga in Covent Garden, which is amazing! Reading can be very grounding, I bike ride at night something to clear my head or head to Kent to my family home where there is no phone reception and an infinite palette of green surroundings!

What moves and inspires you?

Eccentrics, Love, People who take risks

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Gosh! I don’t like to look that far ahead but I know that if I focus on doing what I love and listen to my intuition then I will reach a good place. I just pimped my DJ kit and have just started to look into production! I want to hold insane parties but also travel more- I am never more happy than when I’m riding a scooter in a hot country, doing yoga and feeling zen and relaxation!

Any new projects, activities or collaborations coming up that you would like to share with us?

I’m starting an electro-swing night at Café Royale Grill Room this month, launching a night called RUDE at Proud Camden, booking my fave future disco/house acts, Starting an exciting collaboration with Morgans Hotel Group at Sanderson, devising a 3 month pop-up RUDE menu with colored burgers, edible flower cocktails and flavoured chips. Also managing the music line-up, digital art and fashion element! This month is going to be BOOM!

At the end of your interviews for IRTS, you always pose the question ‘What was the last thing that made you stop and stare’? So what about you?

Haha! You know what I love about this question? People have to take time and really think…so… My answer: I was cycling home from Roundhouse in Camden tonight, there were two totally drunk ‘lads’ in their underwear on Barclay’s bikes, totally smashed, cycling in circles up and down the road, one of the guys wasn’t pushing the pedals but was using the floor to kick and push himself along- it was hilarious and I literally had to triple-take to watch in disbelief.

 Portraits by Philip Scott / Interview by Halea Isabelle Kala