It’s that time of the year again… Spring just started and Gallery Weekend Berlin is only two weeks away! From the 28th until the 30th of April, for three days and three nights, forty-seven of the city’s Galleries will open their doors to the world’s art community.

With joy and horror we await the beginning of a crazy couple of days and in the mean while we thought of a few things one can do to get ready for this special weekend:

  • Getting organized and having an overview of all the happenings is no easy job! If you own an iPhone which you probably do, download the Exhibitionary App (” Exhibitionary is the new mobile gallery guide covering global art destinations from the most interesting galleries to major institutions and experimental project spaces..”). It will come in quite handy we’re sure.
  • Pimp your bike if you have one. Get one if you don’t! 
  • Charge your camera and don’t forget to make space on your SD-Card.
  • In Berlin we’re not very used to this but do make reservations if you don’t want to end up having a Döner at some corner… If you were thinking of Katz OrangeGrill Royal, Borchardts or one of those you can forget it anyways (unless you have verrrrry good contacts).
  • Find a Gallery-Weekend-buddy, maximum two. Coordinating a bigger group may get messy.
Patrick Mimran Bin, © Cosima Bucarelli
Patrick Mimran Bin, © Cosima Bucarelli
  • Wasser! A lot of it! It’s the best way to get over the probably unbearable hangovers. After all there won’t be time for the usual Berlin-Katerfrühstück at some cafe’.
  • Don’t start downing drinks at the first opening. Nights in Berlin are very long and you don’t want to be the first one to leave.


  • Now, now… buying art! Excitement added to the post-heavy-nights dizziness and too much information may lead to hurried decisions. Listen to gallerists within limits, only because it’s a young Berlin-based artist it doesn’t necessarily mean he/she will soon be a star. Forget investments and remember that first of all art is pleasure.. so, think twice and buy a work that you feel connected to.
  • If you can’t afford anything by that young Berlin-based artist who’s work you fell in love with, an option can always be to try and meet him/her. He/she may be good looking or charming! In that case hooking up with him/her at Kingsize (or some other party) is an alternative. Never know, maybe you manage to convince him/her to give you a piece… if not, it still makes for a fun story to tell when that artist is finally going to be famous.
  • When you need the good weather, obviously the good weather won’t be… The sun is expected to show up every now and then but we wouldn’t count on it too much. You may want to pack a coat and wellies (fashionable of course) to throw over a more summery outfit!
  • You could also bring a pair of sunglasses while you’re at it. Round of course!
  • Ah and dress to impress! We’ve seen enough hoboe-style in Berlin. The time for a change may have come, if not forever at least for a couple of days… girls may dress as ladies and boys may look like gentlemen.

Text & Photos by Cosima Bucarelli