Who are you?

Bastian Peter Hoffmann

Where are you from? 

Born in Frankfurt am Main, living in Cologne

What do you do?

Sculpture / video.

Your style in 3 words? 

Fischstäbchen, Feldsalat, Zitrone.

What is your weakness?

Finding materials I never will use!

What is your strength?

Obsession and one really sharp front tooth.

What makes you different?

I would say, the front tooth.

A few words about your work?

The starting point of my work usually is a conceptual analysis of an object, a fact or an everyday situation. Particularly the question of the nature, function, and the enigmatic dimension of things are an ongoing topic of my work. How can things to be turned sufficiently to make something appear that brings an unexpected dimension of their existence to consciousness? These are the questions I am interested in.

What inspires you?

The fakt, that a lot is possible, train rides and to be alone Any new project coming up, you want to tell us about? A show in mai at EG Null – Raum für junge Kunst, Generali Germany, i am now working on.

Bastian Hoffmann